Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ED BELL: Root Branch Profile #2

Up next is one of the core members of the Maverix family, the one and only, award-winning director and creative soul, Mr. Ed Bell. He contributed the gorgeous, dreamlike image on the Root Branch Exhibit promotional materials. Ed is also the creator of the Oasis short film project-in-progress. Check out some Oasis work here and here. If you are very rich and want to fund an unusual, provocative, and beautiful film, please contact Maverix.

Ed Bell is a filmmaker, director, animation artist, and modern day griot. A native of South Central Los Angeles, he went to California Institute of the Arts for their film and video program. Since that time he has been involved in bringing art to life in various forms. His directing and artistic credits include both film and commercials for clients such as HBO, Warner Brothers, Disney Features, Nike, Sony, and BBC Television. He is an affiliated commercial director with Special Agent Productions, and is currently collaborating on a graphic novel with comedic horror writer, Michael Boatman. You can see more of Ed's work here.

... A.K.A. Ed is a rock star. Here are his free flow answers to our 3 questions.

・When did you first start to draw/create and what inspired you to do it?

I can't remember, but imagine I have always enjoyed the pencil and paper somehow. It's always been important to be making things with my hands. drawing, sculpting, carpentry, set building and photography. If I could have grown up to be D'angelo or Andre 3000, I'd be doing it the way they do, but I learned early on to stick with images and ideas. One day, I'll be good enough to express that "soul" through things I create.

・What is your favorite color and why?

Okay, speaking just for the moment, my favorite color is rust red. It's my son's hue. The perfect color!

・What kind of music (or other aural environments) do you listen to when you work and why?

The art going into this exhibit was created in a musical cocoon of mixes by our usual crew: CASAMENA, DEDAN, Cecil, dj Hanif... as well as Chebi Saba and some Prince.

...This man has very good taste y'all! Check out Ed's blog to peruse more of his beautiful artwork.

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