Monday, June 28, 2004


This year...we are UPGRADING!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Pre Comic Con Maverix Members UPDATE

After completing the gallery exhibition and prepping 2004 MONSTER ANNUAL for the upcoming San Diego International Comic Convention, Derek is working on an upcoming ¨MARVELOUS¨ comic book related live action FEATURE FILM and game!

Osamu just completed the next ¨GUILTY GEAR¨ game,¨Dark Fury¨ the animated RIDDIK DVD, and is currently supervising the next ¨Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles¨in Tokyo, Japan.

After assisting Osamu on ¨GUILTY GEAR¨ (the game), Vaughn , produced numerous Maverix projects. He is now making his comic con sketchbook "MIXED BAG" and is stepping into the graphic novel world.

Steward, after storyboarding on Jet Li´s ¨Rise to honor¨(for SONY), is currently working on the next Jet Li game, as well as storyboarding for the next ¨Batman¨ animated series .

Bosco, after his short but INCREDIBLE storyboarding stint at Pixar, just finished prepping his ¨EYE CANDY ¨ Sketchbook book for SDCON 2004 ,and he is boarding on ¨Batman¨ the animated series.

After finishing his latests storyboarding run at Pixar , Jamie has been prepping ¨GOURMET GRUEL 3.O¨ and the next installment of ¨NERVE BOMB¨ for SDCON.

Tom has been busy animating on commercials for Vinton Studios while also preparing his comic con skechbook ¨CHICAS¨ on sale in SDCON 2004.

Garett continues storyboarding for the next Lasseter feature for Pixar.

After doing design and development work for a WB project, Sho is working on 2 graphic novel projects for a major publisher in the US, and she is also prepping SDCON merchandising and a sketchbook .

No one has seen Chris at Maverix since he has been very busy preparing his sketchbook ¨FREEZER BURN ,BURNED AGAIN ¨ as well as working at E.A doing conceptual art for video games based on famous feature film trilogies.

Robert has been working in London with Gorillaz music videos director Pete Candeland aswell as on ,¨Dark Fury¨ the animated RIDDIK DVD. Check out Robert and his storyboards in the ¨Dark Fury¨ DVD ,he is still Globetrotting!


Summer Salad Photos!!

Thanx again everyone for coming to our show and making it another big success ! Congratulations to Hyde, Derek, Mike, Chris and specially to Larissa Martin for her great succes in the show...almost sold out!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Maverix is going to have TWO tables at SDCON 2004! Maverix members Derek Thompson, Bosco Ng, Tom Rubalcava ,Chris Petrocchi , Vaughn Ross and Sho are going to be at the tables this year! we'll be near our friends Rhode (ABISMO) ,Jamie (NerveBomb), Ronnie del Carmen (Paper Biscuit) and Enrico (Mia)´s booths .

This year, at the Maverix Tables we´ll release a brand new set of books and sketchbook books>>

Derek ´s "2004 MONSTER ANNUAL BOOK",120 p,col cover b&w int ,square bound
Vaugh's " MIXED BAG" col cover b&w int, square bound
Tom 's "CHICAS" col cover b&w int,square bound
Bosco 's " EYE CANDY" col cover b&w int,square bound
Chris 's " FREEZER BURN, BURN AGAIN" #2 col cover b&w int,square bound
Ed Bells's "GIRL BOOGIE" 64p,col cover b&w int,square bound
Sho's "VS 2" GN preview teaser, "SEI death and legend" and color sketchbook book

new skechbook books right out of the printers and the long expected "BABES IN SPACE" anthology as well as glow in dark Undies and T shirts, original artwork and much more...!

we´ll post our tables number as soon as we get them.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

DARK FURY DVD *Riddick the animated version

Directed by Peter Chung , with maverix Robert and Osamu on board! It looks great, best anime coming from the US!!

Check out the trailer , especially the main evil female character animated by Osamu and the fight sequence , storyboarded and animated by maverix Robert..(someone told me Robert is also in the ¨making of¨ part of the dvd , and in the extras there are animatics with his boards)

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Better Late than never...Maverix Group Sho Party Pics!

With all the prep for the upcoming Maverix SUMMER SALAD show
by maverix member Derek Thompson and our friends Hyde, Larissa Martin, Chris Carter,Niecie Heligman and Mike Murnane ,maverix decided to put up
some pics from our last opening remaind you all what you'll be missing if you don't show up for our next show on JUNE 10th !!