Saturday, August 30, 2003

VaUghn's Site UpDate!!

Vaughn has (finally, sheesh!) updated his section of the site and it was worth the wait! Lots of cool-ass stuff in there. So check it out! (need to download flash if you dont have it).
Also on the subject of the mighty VAUGHNSTA, check out our new front-door page with a hella-tight new MAVERIX logo by the man.
Keep yer eyes peeled for different takes on the Maverix logo by other studio members in the future...

Friday, August 29, 2003


Finally i am free of paying work to concentrate on the stuff that I wanna do; comixes! Speaking of comics my NERVE BOMB issue #Zero will be in stores next Wednesday the 3rd of september... sheesh, that took a long time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

SeI In DiAmONd PreViEwS GeMs This MoNtH

We (I) had a confussion about it coming in Previews in november , but it turns out it's coming out in november, as the wise LUKE said, so it's NOW in Previews...You can order SEI now!

new article in comics continuum, scroll way down to the bottom...:

See Preview Pages here

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Sho's MeDia War

Typically I notice in that big long list of posts by Sho that she is only mentioning stuff by OTHER people so I guess it is my duty to let all of you know about maverix's proudest moment: Sho's book SEI: DEATH AND LEGEND is being published by IMAGE comics and will be out in NOVEMBER 2003!!

there is a listing for it on the COMICS CONTINUUM website, and there is an interview with Sho at NEWSARAMA

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

MAssIvE SweRvE aNiMaTed

For those who missed the troublesome opening party screening of the new ANIMATED SHORT by Robert Valley "'MASSIVE SWERVE"

>>>"Massive Swerve" is the first non commercial short movie by the Maverix and is finally completed after 8 months of struggling pain .Created and pretty much entirely animated by Robert, the short is adapted from his comic, of the same name, previously published by "HeavyMetal" .

Massive Swerve is full of gracefully distorted POV shots that makes you feel like you are in a club with tons of beautiful women interacting with you, while you are partying really hard.
Executed in a very innovative art style, is an unique 2003 slice-of life type of story ! Awesome! Like nothing you have seen animated before!

Not recommended for KIDS!Some XX Scenes!!( or just R??)

The movie will be available soon for purchase online....hopefully there will be more member's shorts to follow...

SiTe UpDaTe

As you might have noticed, we added new sections in the website , it will be showing our work in different categories, for easier quick browse... And ...FINALLY after all this years, we are on the making of the maverix combo ANIMATION demo Reel...Never seen before ... So much fun ,beauty & action packed in just few MB download!!

Little StuDiO Update

STuDiO >>>For those who still doesn't know , we have moved from our old space of over 8 years...TO A MUCH BETTER SPACE ,more than twice as big ! New address ! Big Upgrade!We're not sad , we don't even miss the old place!
For those maverix friends who haven't been in here for THE awesome OPENING PARTY , give us a call , we have the same phone number !

Ah...we have new confi sofas !! ...and now we have an awesome dark MOVIE SCREENING ROOM!( wich took 4 Maverix and Tom acting as a mediator a whole day to arrange)...Wow...we're soo spoiled!


>Garett & Tom : Tom Rubalcava who has been a maverix since last october is now officially a FRONT PAGE MEMBER...oohhh,??? ...and so is Garett Sheldrew, who has always been the hidden maverix , and the best kept secret in animation!Thanx LUKE, for taking the pain and suffering of being the Maverix WebMaster!

> Robert V is over in Burbank , LA, working in Peter Chung's next project , I'll post more about it as soon as I can...!

> Derek is finally back from AU , we missed him!We're soo jealous of his surfing trip ...meeting Peter Jackson? Beautiful bikinis? Brrr!...too bad he missed the opening Party!

>>>>>>>PARtY...It was AWESOME , thanx to all the maverix friends who dropped by , you guys are awesome !... (Ahem>>) We had more sales than in the best day at SDCON!

Saturday, August 16, 2003

A ReQuest!

If anyone has photos from the recent MAVERIX studio-warming party, please let us know! drop us a line (and some jpgs)

Friday, August 15, 2003

New Blog, After The SDCON

Blog>>>helloooo it's working MaVeRiX new blog!!

SDCON was awesome , seeing so many talent together was overwhelming , but meeting all the artists was fun, it just felt like we were meeting us in different versions!

This was the most succesful Con so far, we're getting PRO , Robert "Massive Swerve" sold out shortly after coming back ! All the books have been selling better than ever...not as much as our awesome Con neighbours Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa 's book ..?? ! ahaha!

The list of books still available online , until it sells out:

>Garett "Girls"
>Steward 's "Wataah"01 and "StewardLee's Sketch Pad"
>Jamie 's "NerveBomb "01 and 02 "Gourmet Gruel" 01 & 02
>Derek's "Bindu" ( he did not have anything new this year because he was
lost in Australia and New Zealand)
>Robert's "MassiveSwerve" for $5 (last years print, still a very few left ,
the $10 ,2003 version is sold out)
>Vaughn's "BlindFaith" Teaser....(he was soo busy working on a new concept for
a video game that he hasn't been able to make issue#01 ...but soon)

>Sho's " SEI" will be out in Nov Previews ,by ImageComics.

Hopefully we'll see Tom & Bosco's books in WonderCon!

Availables online in this website...don't miss it, most are limited prints and there aren't many left!
here are some pix of our comic-con table that we got from ANGSTORM

That's our good pal Ronnie "looming large" del Carmen in the foreground and Sho and Chris at the maverix table:

Robert and Sho:

Stew Jamie and Sho

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