Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Maverix Studios Gone?

What can we say to start but offer a warm thank you to all that have been our friends and supporters over the years?

So, thank you — all of you. From the Animation business stand point; it has been an honor to carry the torch from the time when Maverick Studios (note that the name had “ck” originally) was founded by Robert Valley in 1994. Since then it has been a welcoming place to many artists in the community looking for inspiration and a place to hunker down. It has been a revolving door of talent and an important place for networking.

Our doors have indeed closed and as it has been said lately, "an end of an era". Times have changed, technology has blossomed and the animation industry has suffered in some ways, but gained in so many ways. It isn’t the intent here to get into the business aspects of the Maverix Studios era, but more a reflection on its positive contributions that we hope will be remembered throughout the art community in the Bay area and perhaps beyond.

We will never forget how so many came forward for the causes as we proudly sponsored benefit auctions, ranging from helping a friend with medical bills and disaster relief to the cure for Alzheimer’s and cancer. It has been truly humbling.

We also won’t forget the friends and colleagues (many of them new friends we’ve made) that shared the office space, offering trust and companionship. We’ll miss those that dropped in from time to time just to say hi.

There is a lot to miss about Maverix Studios and lot of fond memories to hold dearly.

But; one should never say never, right? The spirit of Maverix Studios will live on; we have no doubt. And someday, somewhere we will all be together again doing what we do best, inspiring, networking, and having another successful fundraiser for the next great cause!

Keep the Spirit Alive!

Love and best wishes to all,

The Maverix Studios gang