Thursday, February 10, 2005

Auction List

To find out who were the donating-artists, what were their art-pieces and who were the winning bidders, check out The MASTER LIST

The collecting of money from winning bidders is still going on. The total Donated: $16,911 as of Feb 9th. However it SHOULD be a lot higher, but far we haven't been able to get money from 56 of the winning bidders. If money isn't recieved by FEBRUARY 20th, we will iether go to the next bidder on the list, or put the pieces on EBAY. If any unpaid bidders are still interested in their pieces but can't get money to us by the deadline, please contact us and let us know, so that arrangements can be made.

The auction has gotten a little press:
ART BUSINESS article article

Monday, February 07, 2005

Tsunami Auction follow up

Maverix Studios was extremely well hung on Friday night. Artwork by around 80 artists totalling 22o pieces went on auction. All in all it went off very well given the short turnaround on the planning. Lots of fun was had by everyone, and by the end of the night there were plenty of happy looking bidders heading out the door with armloads of art.

Some of you bidders may have left early and may still be unsure if your bid was the winning bid. Some donors may be curious as to how much their pieces went for. Tomorrow we will post a comprehensive list of pieces, their donors, purchasers and final prices. So you will be able to see whether you got that piece you were so hot for. If you can't wait that long, then by all means call Maverix (415 522 1717) to find out.

As to the BIG QUESTION: "How much was actually raised?" The auction-money is still being counted, and some payments have yet to be made, but the total of money paid, and counted THUS FAR is $13,500. By tomorrow we should have a better idea of the total. We have an estimate but don't want to post it until the cash is in hand, or we have had a commitment from the highest bidder, and we can make sure that there are no hanging chads or whatever. Even that figure will not be the GRAND TOTAL, as that won't be possible to decide until after...

PHASE 3: THE ONLINE AUCTION. A lot of great artwork is still up for grabs and will go on EBAY later this week. And believe me, the art still for sale is by no means "left overs". A lot of it could not be hung on the night for lack of space, or because it was submitted too late and unframed. In some cases a few pieces by artists who had donated multiple pieces, were held back to give space to artists who had only donated one piece. If you (or anyone you know) were interested in our auction but were unable to attend on the night, then please stay tuned for updates about the remaining art to be sold..

Maverix would like to thank everyone involved; the donating artists, the buyers, the people who helped spread the word, and anyone who helped in the planning, framing and hanging of the show.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!