Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SERGIO PAEZ: Root Branch Profile #3

While most folks are brining turkeys, stuffing turduckens, and prepping tofurkeys today, we present for your reading pleasure, our 3rd profile of the Root Branch Winter Exhibit, Mr. Sergio Paez. Most people who've met his acquaintance, particularly at this year's ComiCon, know that Sergio is the ultimate hustler. And we mean that as a giant compliment. The man has skillz! He is also a talented artist and storyboard extraordinaire who hosts an online community for storytelling and sequential art, and teaches a storyboard series at Maverix Studios. Can we add that Sergio is a committed libertarian (check out his painting of Ron Paul above... perhaps Rep. Paul will use it for his next presidential campaign, a la Shepard Fairey & Prez Obama).

Sergio is a San Francisco artist specializing in storyboards, animation, and visual development for TV, Feature film, and games. His animation credits in the United States and Europe include projects for Lucasfilm, Pixar, Sony, and Sega. As an independent filmmaker Sergio's work has been shown at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, the North Hampton Film Festival, and Microcinefest in Baltimore. Most recently Sergio's work was featured in "The Art of Darkwatch" published by Design Studio Press.

・When did you first start to draw/create and what inspired you to do it?

I was probably about 3 years old playing with crayons and copying my brother's drawings. I still remember dividing my paper into squares and coloring in the shapes with different crayons. Not much has changed since then. Except now the shapes get more complicated and our egos fill the squares instead of simple color.

・What is your favorite color and why?

Blue. because it can make you feel blue. But if you look deeper it might be bluegreen or blueviolet. Then you're not blue at all. Your more in the clouds flying around or playing in the water with the fishes. If you turn that blue upside down you might get orange. I love orange juice.

・What kind of music (or other aural environments) do you listen to when you work and why?

None. Don't you know what Milt Kahl said about playing music while you work? Shut that hippie music off and concentrate on making some art. The only Nirvana you should hear is the sound of your soul reaching heaven when you focus your chi and CREATE!

Haha! I think we must now request some extra hippie music for the Root Branch show in Sergio's honor.

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Gerald de Dios said...

Very cool event - Sergio is an awesome artist and great storyboard instructor! This sounds like another great exhibit not to be missed.