Monday, April 04, 2011

ONE , ひとつ - Big Success!

One,ひとつ was a HUGE success. All 50 pieces were sold ~!

Many thanks to all the donating artists, the volunteers and special thanks to Dice ,all the Maverix Members for their work and Seiji Horibuchi of New People for letting us use Superfrog Gallery for the event.

Thank you also to the hundreds of people who came to the show.

...All together as ONE , we raised $30,605, well over our initial goal for the cause :)

Considering we only had a few weeks to prepare, it is an amazing success!!

Thank you so much to everyone who made it to the ONE event Many of you donated precious art , donated generous cash , bought the awesome art , donated time and helping hands or bought things at the merchandising tables , we all together- as one- helped raise a good number of dollars , a lot of help , for Japan

Event video coming soon

Photos by Tom Rubalcava
& BHPang

Saturday, April 02, 2011

ONE , ひとつ - Sho Murase

Another exquisite piece from Sho Murase!

mixed-media on wood


During the last several years Sho has been working in studios across London, Barcelona & San Francisco as an illustrator, animator, designer and storyboard artist.

In addition to her animation work she has been a part of several gallery shows and creating graphic novels.
Her fist color graphic novel “SEI” was published by Image Comics in November 2003. Since then she illustrated covers for comics and many graphic novels, including the Nancy Drew serie

ONE , ひとつ - Vaughn Ross

Vaughn Ross is contributing this thoughtful acrylic at the art auction.


Acrylic on canvas

Vaughn Ross is a story artist at Lucasfilm.

Vaughn is a contributing member of the artist co-op "Maverix Studios"

Vaughn is a character designer, animator and illustrator.

Friday, April 01, 2011

ONE , ひとつ - Robert Valley

This cool piece is by Robert Valley , drawn in traditional animation paper using graphite .

Robert has been directing animated commercials and music videos for the past two decades,  working in projects such as Gorillaz

ONE , ひとつ -Helen Chen

This very well executed piece  is done by Helen Chen
Title "Sushi Chef"
11x 14 oil

She is currently working as a visual development artist at Disney animation Studios

ONE , ひとつ -Meghan Jean Kinder

Artist: Meghan Jean Kinder
Title: "Cicada Song"
Media: Mixed Media on Panel
Size: 10 x 8 inches

-"The images of Japan that flooded the media after the disaster were hugely upsetting; People terrified and displaced among the destruction of their homes. But incredible stories of bravery, humanity, and triumph emerged, too. Like those stories, cicadas are a symbol of re-birth. In Japan specifically, their sound signifies the summer season as they emerge from the ground to sing, re-born."-Meghan Jean Kinder

ONE , ひとつ - Marcos Mateu

Marcos Mateu's bold blacks and composition stand out in this one.

Ink on Paper

Born in Palma de Mallorca. Graphic-novel artist, Illustrator, working in animation since 1991 (2D backgrounds, 2D layout, storyboard, visual concept and development). Author of "Framed Ink, drawing and composition for visual storytellers". Currently at Dreamworks. Film credits: We're Back, Balto, The Prince of Egypt, Eldorado, 3 Wise Men, Toto Sapore, Asterix and the Vikings, Surf's Up, Megamind.

ONE , ひとつ - Ed Bell

Here is Ed Bell's wonderful piece. Always exploring shapes, line and tonality. Such a talent.

"A Bending"
Pencil and Marker
11" x 14"

Ed Bell is a filmmaker, director, animation artist and designer. A native of South Central Los Angeles, he went to California Institute of the Arts for their film and video program. Since that time he has been involved in bringing art to life in various forms. His directing and artistic credits include both film and commercials for clients such as HBO, Warner Brothers, Disney Features, Nike, Sony, and BBC Television. He is an affiliated commercial director with Special Agent Productions, and is currently collaborating on a graphic novel with comedic horror writer, Michael Boatman.

ONE , ひとつ - Steve Purcell

Steve Purcell has given us a mysterious, yet charming piece to salivate over.

"They Meet"
Acrylic on Board
4" x 6"

Steve Purcell is a cartoonist and writer, best known as the creator of comic book characters Sam and Max. He is currently employed in the story development department at Pixar.

ONE , ひとつ - Jonathan Wayshak

This striking mixed media piece is by John Wayshank

JonathanWAY$HAK  has been a freelance illustrator since 1996, after a brief stint as an employee of Target and Media Play.  He likes to draw comics and occasionally paint. 

La Times Press release..

Animation Artists converge for Japan disaster relief

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