Monday, October 20, 2003

Sho Murase's "Sei: Death & Legend"

Not much going on this pass couple of weeks, but our own Sho Murase's comic, 'Sei: Death & Legend' has gotten thumbs up from Christopher Butcher in here's what was written:

"The OUT OF LEFT FIELD pick of the month is surely SEI: DEATH & LEGEND (Page 155, 64 pages, $6.95, SEP) from Sho Murase and Image Comics. The book is simply astounding, an artistic tour-de-force that blends some incredibly strong traditional media work with probably the best and most compelling example for Scott McCloud’s argument that computers are going to change what comics look like forever. Sho Murase is one of those kids that was raised in a digital environment, and the results of her life are on display in the brilliant and innovative layouts, character designs, and finished pieces that comprise the book. SEI is a sort of Digital Manga Sandman for the next generation of Goths (mostly anime fans, natch), Gods and Goddesses cavorting in fantastic environments deeply steeped in rich literary tradition. If the story reads as wonderfully as the art does, SEI: DEATH AND LEGEND may just be the best new book of the year. View the work for yourself at Image Comics."

It's going be at your local comics store in November, so be sure to pick it up (I know I will), and let Sho know what you think. 'Til next time.