Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Little StuDiO Update

STuDiO >>>For those who still doesn't know , we have moved from our old space of over 8 years...TO A MUCH BETTER SPACE ,more than twice as big ! New address ! Big Upgrade!We're not sad , we don't even miss the old place!
For those maverix friends who haven't been in here for THE awesome OPENING PARTY , give us a call , we have the same phone number !

Ah...we have new confi sofas !! ...and now we have an awesome dark MOVIE SCREENING ROOM!( wich took 4 Maverix and Tom acting as a mediator a whole day to arrange)...Wow...we're soo spoiled!


>Garett & Tom : Tom Rubalcava who has been a maverix since last october is now officially a FRONT PAGE MEMBER...oohhh,??? ...and so is Garett Sheldrew, who has always been the hidden maverix , and the best kept secret in animation!Thanx LUKE, for taking the pain and suffering of being the Maverix WebMaster!

> Robert V is over in Burbank , LA, working in Peter Chung's next project , I'll post more about it as soon as I can...!

> Derek is finally back from AU , we missed him!We're soo jealous of his surfing trip ...meeting Peter Jackson? Beautiful bikinis? Brrr!...too bad he missed the opening Party!

>>>>>>>PARtY...It was AWESOME , thanx to all the maverix friends who dropped by , you guys are awesome !... (Ahem>>) We had more sales than in the best day at SDCON!

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