Wednesday, August 20, 2003

MAssIvE SweRvE aNiMaTed

For those who missed the troublesome opening party screening of the new ANIMATED SHORT by Robert Valley "'MASSIVE SWERVE"

>>>"Massive Swerve" is the first non commercial short movie by the Maverix and is finally completed after 8 months of struggling pain .Created and pretty much entirely animated by Robert, the short is adapted from his comic, of the same name, previously published by "HeavyMetal" .

Massive Swerve is full of gracefully distorted POV shots that makes you feel like you are in a club with tons of beautiful women interacting with you, while you are partying really hard.
Executed in a very innovative art style, is an unique 2003 slice-of life type of story ! Awesome! Like nothing you have seen animated before!

Not recommended for KIDS!Some XX Scenes!!( or just R??)

The movie will be available soon for purchase online....hopefully there will be more member's shorts to follow...

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