Friday, August 15, 2003

New Blog, After The SDCON

Blog>>>helloooo it's working MaVeRiX new blog!!

SDCON was awesome , seeing so many talent together was overwhelming , but meeting all the artists was fun, it just felt like we were meeting us in different versions!

This was the most succesful Con so far, we're getting PRO , Robert "Massive Swerve" sold out shortly after coming back ! All the books have been selling better than ever...not as much as our awesome Con neighbours Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa 's book ..?? ! ahaha!

The list of books still available online , until it sells out:

>Garett "Girls"
>Steward 's "Wataah"01 and "StewardLee's Sketch Pad"
>Jamie 's "NerveBomb "01 and 02 "Gourmet Gruel" 01 & 02
>Derek's "Bindu" ( he did not have anything new this year because he was
lost in Australia and New Zealand)
>Robert's "MassiveSwerve" for $5 (last years print, still a very few left ,
the $10 ,2003 version is sold out)
>Vaughn's "BlindFaith" Teaser....(he was soo busy working on a new concept for
a video game that he hasn't been able to make issue#01 ...but soon)

>Sho's " SEI" will be out in Nov Previews ,by ImageComics.

Hopefully we'll see Tom & Bosco's books in WonderCon!

Availables online in this website...don't miss it, most are limited prints and there aren't many left!

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