Friday, March 25, 2011

ONE , ひとつ , Julia Lundman

The next up is this thoughtful  piece by Julia Lundman .
"Peace Pagoda",  Measures 11x16  , and is painted with pastels 

Julia is a Senior Illustrator at Zynga by day and painter of fairies and other spritely creatures by night.

In her words :

"I did this piece from life with some interpretation for the January World Wide Sketch Crawl It was a challenge, to be sure. I have always admired the structure; now that I've attempted to construct it, my appreciation of the architecture has deepened. All of those ellipses stacking up toward the heavens...I wonder if the artist meant to suggest that all of them together, stacking up in diminishing degrees, points toward a greater peace.

This plaza was filled with the hectic noise and bustle of the city. I edited out bus stops, street lamps, ugly steel fences and even edited out the large crowd. I felt the Peace Pagoda, deserved to be honored as a focal point. Although, I couldn't help myself - I took a few irresistible artistic liberties with the top, simplifying and exaggerating the shapes. They reminded me so much of the kind of thing the great Mary Blair would have designed. Fitting, I thought, as it really is a small world after all.

The original  of this wonderful piece will be sold  on april 2 @ the ONE , ひとつ
 Maverix Art Auction Benefit for Japan Relief 

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Patrick Awa said...

Nice piece!
I like the slight stylization/graphic sense nicely incorporated into this sketch!