Friday, December 04, 2009

DEREK THOMPSON: Root Branch Profile #8

BOOOO!!! Scared ya? Then get ready for Derek Monsters! I don't know how he does it but our star of the day churns out one peculiar monster after another. He even sells a book filled with 365 monsters, to satisfy your monster cravings for every day of the year. (The monster we have bids his time, hiding in the kitchen behind a giant lamp, just waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting stranger).

Better start bidding now on Derek's 7+ monsters in the exhibit. They are always in high demand and I know of one person in particular (hint: redhead) who is trying to fill out her already substantial collection. I've spied Derek hard at work, painting away in the backroom recesses of Maverix Studios and they look awesome!


Story Artist
Pixar Animation Studios

Derek Thompson received a BFA in Illustration from Otis/Parsons, and landed his first job for Dark Horse Comics while still attending college. He has worked professionally for over 14 years for a number of studios, including Rhythm & Hues, Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts. Derek has worked in a variety of disciplines, including storyboarding, visual development and creature design. He has contributed to numerous film projects, including Men in Black, The Mummy films, Star Wars: Episode 3 and WALL-E. In his free time, Derek paints abstract art and continues to self-publish collections of his monster drawings and comics. Derek is currently employed as a Story Artist for Pixar Animation Studios.

When did you first start to draw/create and what inspired you to do it?
i've been drawing since i was a little kid...i've always felt a deep rooted passion for monsters, dinosaurs, robots and more. movies, comics and books have been steady and important inspirations for me.

What is your favorite color and why?
aaagh..that's a hard one! i'll have to say GREEN , because i remember that was my FIRST favorite color. the color of forests and emeralds and dragon scales...

What kind of music (or other aural environments) do you listen to when you work and why?

i listen to all kinds of music while i work. i find movie soundtrack music very helpful when i'm storyboarding, and GODZILLA music is great for when i'm painting monsters. generally, though, i prefer an eclectic range of music, everything from Blues to Reggae, Industrial and Trance, from Jazz to Bluegrass... i like it all!

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