Monday, August 02, 2004

SDCON 2004 photos!

Maverix Tables on wednesday...Luckyly Tom has taken this some photos the first day...because the other days were sooooo hecktik , noone of us got a chance to take any photos!This year we had more people than ever at the tables, in both sides! The Pretty Maverix Logo made by the MavCrew made it easy to spot us...

We gotta thank our friend Angstorm , who stopped by our tables and made some photos... Thanx Angstorm!
Hopefully we'll be able to get some more from all the maverix friends who were at the con this year, and we'll be able to post 'em ...

Chris and Tom

Ronnie holding cute wobbly head guy and Enrico smiling at their booth...! (are every pair of booth partners in dark and orange??)

sleeping giant uglydolls...!!

Tom and Vaughn...winking to Angstorm??

more SDCON photos by Angstorm

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! thes pix look great. let me know if you find any of Rhode and my booth!