Sunday, August 22, 2004

Oh, for the love of MIKE!!

Last week there was a fund raiser for MIKE MURNANE who needs eye-surgery after an accident while playing "paint-ball". The Maverix Studios crew hosted an art-auction where a variety of artwork donated by Mike's friends was bid on by a variety of folks, friends and strangers alike.
The event was well attended, with most, but not neccessarilly all in attendence being friends of Mike.The evening started off pretty restrained with people strolling around nibbling cheese and appraising the artwork.

Later on as the 10PM cut-off for bidding approached, people dropped the cool-cat demeanor, there was a flurry of bidding, and some pieces attracted keen competition. In particular, some pieces by Rhode attracted some heated attention, His Pablo's Inferno print and his Portrait of Mike's character CHIME. After epic check-book battling, and holding off the competition with lots of fierce eye-contact and smack-talking, Jamie managed to snag the highly prized painting "Chime" by Rhode.

Once the dust cleared, lots of contented folks sauntered off with pictures and a fair amount of money had been raised towards Mike's surgery. Combined with some money raised at an earlier garage sale, the Maverix Studios crew has so far raised around $6000.

Apparently there will be similar fund-raising efforts organised by Mike's pals at ILM. Obviously every little bit will help as Mike is unfortunately without medical insurance, and his costs are likely to be quite high.

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