Thursday, March 31, 2011

ONE , ひとつ - Yoriko Ito

The title for this beautiful piece is  " Prayer for the hope"

Size 11.5x 15
Medium Water color, and gouache, silver flake, ink on watercolor paper

-"Thinking the girl, I read the article who lost her parents for the Tsunami, 10 years old girl is survived  with her grandma. Her mother was 9 month pregnant.The article said she met the body of her parents and after their funeral she never show her tears again told by her grandma."- Yoriko

Yoriko Ito is originally from Japan. 
She lives in California and has been working in the animated  feature film industry over the past 15 years in companies such as Dreamworks , PDI &  is currently working as a visual development artist at CinderBiter.  
She has also published 5 children's books in US.

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