Thursday, March 31, 2011

ONE , ひとつ Ronnie Del Carmen

This amazing  -very touching -Story master Ronnie del Carmen piece is approx

8"x 10"
(11" x 14" framed ) 

Medium: Gouache
Title: "Tearful Alice in waves"

-"I attended the grand Mary Blair show in Japan last year. It was a pilgrimage of the faithful.

I was enraptured all over again. But even better it was curated and collected in Japan.
Japan is a very special place for me personally.
In that same trip we also went to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Seas. Spectacular.  And yet throughout that trip all I wanted to do was to be on the streets of Tokyo and meet the people, visit friends and see the neighborhoods again.
Japan is my Disneyland. I wish for all to be well and a swift recovery." -Ronnie

Ronnie del Carmen is currently working for Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville.  Prior to that he's worked at Dreamworks and Warner Bros.

He self-publishes his own comic book, Paper Biscuit.
He is maintained by his wife and kids and is not allowed too much peanut butter.


dicet said...

come on... this is too good! You sure you don't mind giving this one up, Ronnie??

Sho said...

Yes, yes~!...I need to bid on this one ~:)