Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ONE , ひとつ , Patrick Awa

The first pieces are coming , this beautiful piece by Patrick Awa  is called
"Anonymous hug " .

Size:  19x13(the painting by itself)  about 26x18(w/frame)
Media:  Watercolor, Acrylic and Gold ink on Rives Paper

This is what Patrick  says  about this piece :
"The basic idea was to draw miscellaneous figures with their hands holding each other as tight as they could at the moment of reunion, making a sphere-like shape together, which I also hoped to represent connection and compassion I have received from all over the world. And even though this might be a little "one" to start with in front of massive damage, hopefully together we can become "ONE" to make a difference. "

The original  of this meaningful piece will be sold  on april 2 @ the ONE , ひとつ
 Maverix Art Auction Benefit for Japan Relief

Limited number of prints of this wonderful piece is on sale here for a very short time :

All proceeds of the sales will be donated 100% to ArtistHelpJapan Fund

Patrick Awa is a Character Designer/Concept Artist in animated feature films.
He would like to be a good fencer with a couple of brushes one day...

Personally I think he is already amazing ;)


dicet said...

I know I"m going to bid on this

Sho said...

Me too, at least I'll try :)

Jamie Baker said...

back off!! This piece is MINE! tee hee