Thursday, March 31, 2011

ONE , ひとつ Jamie Baker

This fun and awesome Colour Pencil on Canson Paper piece is titled "Jet-Kid Hola-Gato"
and measures 9x12 (16x20 in Frame)

-" In trying to do a piece for a show that honours Japan, I started out by thinking of all my favourite Japanese cartoon characters, which is where my love of Japanese culture began (Cartoons is where my love of America began too, incidentally). After a few days of doodling I ended up with this image; MY version of two Japanese Cartoon icons, at the beginning of a beautiful relationship." - James Baker

JAMES BAKER was raised in Australia but now lives in San Francisco, where he is a Freelance Storyboard artist working in Animation (clients include Pixar, LAIKA, SONY and ILM).

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