Tuesday, December 08, 2009

ROBERT VALLEY: Root Branch Profile #10

The legend of Robert Valley. I heard of this dude long before I met him. I believe he started the Maverix co-op! After stints in and out of the U.S. of A., this nomad is now in NYC I believe but gracing us with his presence at the show this Thursday. I stole his bio from Story Board Art (don't tell Sergio).


A bad ass Story Artist, a rocking Animator- Robert Valley is awesome

Robert Valley is an animation artist whose work is always on the cutting edge. Robert’s work is all over spots for Nike, Coca-Cola, the Gorillaz music videos, Aeon Flux with Peter Chung, and many others. Most recently Robert’s work was all a buzz with his latest Beatles Rock Band trailer. Although he didn’t direct the spot, Robert’s style and influence can be seen all over the project. Always an approachable and humble leader in the visual field, he is a pioneer in visual styles and filmmaking.

Robert’s style is edgy and unique always pushing the extreme angles and innovative shots. For a great example of his storyboard work check out the DVD extras in “Dark Fury The Chronicles of Riddick” directed by Peter Chung.

You can buy exclusive copies of Robert’s new book “Massive Swerve 2009″ here.

Watch the Beatles Rock Bank trailer here. COOOOOOOOOOL!

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daisuke said...

Robert Valley is the best. super cool art! really love his work