Friday, November 18, 2005

Thank you all HEAL participants

Maverix and Charlotte Maxwell would like to thank everyone for making the Heal event possible. Thanks to your donations and participation it was an amazing success. HEAL raised over 9 thousand dollars for the Charlotte Maxwell complementary clinic (CMCC), which provides FREE complementary alternative medicine and social services to underserved women who have been afflicted by cancer.

Now Maverix is sponsoring another great event, RELIEF, which doubles as our holiday party, and we call to you once more to donate art, time, and overall cheer. RELIEF will be an industry auction party to help raise money for the many victims of the earthquake that struck Pakistan and Kashmir. It will be taking place on December, 15th, at Maverix Studios. (look for more information above)

So again thanks for all your help with the HEAL event and the entire Maverix crew is looking forward to see you in three weeks at RELIEF.

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