Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Maverix is going to have TWO tables at SDCON 2004! Maverix members Derek Thompson, Bosco Ng, Tom Rubalcava ,Chris Petrocchi , Vaughn Ross and Sho are going to be at the tables this year! we'll be near our friends Rhode (ABISMO) ,Jamie (NerveBomb), Ronnie del Carmen (Paper Biscuit) and Enrico (Mia)´s booths .

This year, at the Maverix Tables we´ll release a brand new set of books and sketchbook books>>

Derek ´s "2004 MONSTER ANNUAL BOOK",120 p,col cover b&w int ,square bound
Vaugh's " MIXED BAG" col cover b&w int, square bound
Tom 's "CHICAS" col cover b&w int,square bound
Bosco 's " EYE CANDY" col cover b&w int,square bound
Chris 's " FREEZER BURN, BURN AGAIN" #2 col cover b&w int,square bound
Ed Bells's "GIRL BOOGIE" 64p,col cover b&w int,square bound
Sho's "VS 2" GN preview teaser, "SEI death and legend" and color sketchbook book

new skechbook books right out of the printers and the long expected "BABES IN SPACE" anthology as well as glow in dark Undies and T shirts, original artwork and much more...!

we´ll post our tables number as soon as we get them.

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