Friday, September 26, 2003

Where Are We Now?

It's been a while since the last bit of news, so i thought i'd go on and blah blah-- let's see, i'm still here at Sony sleeping in my office (dreaming of a plot for issue #2 of 'Wataah'--and no, I still haven't done anything on it yet--'loser'), Bosco just came back from visiting Kristin Kreuk and Robert Valley in Vancouver, but Robert and Chris P. are now in Japan dodging rubbles and debris, Sho is busy with her book, 'Sei' at Maverix, and along to keep her company there are Tom R. and Vaughn working on their respective work, Derek is back at EA (I hear), and where's our chum, Jamie, is still a mystery to me-- "oh Jamie, where are you?" And there you have it-- you are now well informed... oh, the little thing with Kristin K. was just a joke-- but I'm sure you figured that out, eh? :) Until the next gossip...yep, yep.

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